Saleh Al Shukairi


“Haoaz 2” – 2012

Exhibitions with The Ara Gallery

Letters of Gold

About the Artist

Born in 1977 in Muscat, in the Sultanate of Oman, Saleh Al Shukairi is a member of the Omani Society of Fine Arts where he is one of the founders and active participants of the Calligraphy Club and the Youth Studio. Al Shukairi has exhibited internationally, notably in Germany, Pakistan, South Korea, USA, and the United Arab Emirates. He has also received an honorary award in the 11th Asian Art Biennale in Bangladesh.

Al Shukairi’s work ranges from classical calligraphy to contemporary abstract work that utilizes traditional art form. He enjoys experimenting with materials, colors, and techniques to produce his evocative pieces. Since the 1990s, he has produced more than 160 artworks.

Feeling connected from a young age to Arabic calligraphy, Al Shukairi was endlessly motivated to learn the rules of this form of art. This lead him to eventually join the Omani Calligraphy Institute in Al Seeb, where he learned the Riqa and Naskh scripts of Arabic calligraphy. His curiosity and hunger to take in any and all information he could find about the forms of calligraphy pushed him to search beyond the resources that were immediately available to him in his home country of Oman. Wishing to enrich fellow calligraphers and calligraphy enthusiasts, he shared his findings – resources, new skills, tools – with those who shared his passion.

In 1997, Al Shukairi began experimenting with a new, modern vision that would set him apart from the more traditionally-styled Arabic calligraphy works. He initially began creating his calligraphy in a way that only he was able to read. This however, evolved into a new style that allowed him to create artworks that would evoke feeling and emotion from the viewer. In this way, Al Shukairi continues to use Arabic calligraphy in his artwork as a way to express the audience’s and the artist’s feelings, while paying tribute to the great value and tradition of Arabic calligraphy.

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